Joe Brooks – MAN vs. WHITETAIL

  • At MAN vs. WHITETAIL we feel the number one, and most important, part of hunting is stand placement. We rely heavily on aerial photos to help decide on the perfect set-up to ambush a mature buck. We normally hunt in fairly open farm country, but this past fall picked up a great property in the heavily forested part of Southern Ohio. With only one weekend during the thick mid-summer foliage to set stands, we purchased an aerial photo with topographical overlay from Mapping The Outdoors. Using this great map, and without any scouting, we set three stands…. one on a small pond… one on a ridge bench… and one on a ridge saddle.
    Returning in early November to hunt we found all three of these stands to be “Spot On”!!! We filmed over fifty bucks cruising by our locations within easy bow range, and we harvested a great ten point during the hunt. None of this would have been possible without the great maps from Mapping The Outdoors!!!! These maps are the foundation of our success and hunting strategy


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